Programming Projects

  • Jaydio
    A small Java library for doing file I/O direct-to-disk (bypassing buffer cache), in Linux.

  • Google Drive FS
    A user-space filesystem for Linux which streams files from Google Drive.

Fun Stuff

  • Softbody2d
    A processing.js implementation of Maciej Matyka's 2d soft body model, as explained in his pressurized soft body how-to. Available on github here.

  • Risk Probability Calculator
    Risk the board game, that is. I think it is relatively unique as far as Risk probability calculators go, as it allows you to calculate success rates of “tours” rather than just individual battles. The algorithm assumes that attackers will attack with as many units as are available, and that defenders will defend with as many units as are available. Available on github here.

Project Euler

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