Software Projects

  •   IPyflow
    Next-generation, dataflow-aware Python kernel for Jupyter. Supports reactivity, dynamic program slicing, and other features to make it easier to reason about state and out-of-order execution in notebooks.

  •   Pyccolo
    Pyccolo is a framework that abstracts away details such as AST transformations and system tracing in Python in order to monitor, alter, and augment running Python code. Supports instrumentation use cases such as: code coverage, syntactic macros, augmented Python syntax, dynamic dataflow analysis, and more.

  •   FFsubsync
    Automatically synchronize subtitles with video by matching video speech and non-speech with subtitle speech and non-speech, respectively.
    Honorable mention at HackIllinois 2019
    More than 5000 GitHub stars and thousands of monthly downloads, as of Feb 2022

  •   Jaydio
    A small Java library for doing file I/O direct-to-disk (bypassing buffer cache), in Linux.
    Funded by a SourceGraph Open Source Fellowship

  •   Google Drive FS
    A user-space filesystem for Linux which streams files from Google Drive.

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